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Univ. of Tokyo Hospital Lab Has Plenty of Automation

CEO SUMMARY: In Japan, many clinical laboratories are in their third decade of using automation. At the University of Tokyo Hospital, total laboratory automation (TLA) was first implemented in 1991. Now on its fourth generation TLA system, this laboratory was worked upstream to automate specimen collection and urine collection, transport, and specimen preparation. The result

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First ISO-Designed Clinical Lab Improves Outcomes, Costs

CEO SUMMARY: In the first 14 months of operation, Kaiser Permanente Northwest’s new automated regional laboratory facility, the nation’s first designed by an ISO-9000-certified lab organization, is yielding big gains in both productivity and outcomes. In its high-volume core lab, productivity more than doubled, while the new laboratory’s average cost-per-test declined by 8.7% during that

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Advanced Health Targets Integrated Health Networks

“The question that every clinical laboratory must now ask is this: will my lab be a technology differentiator or a technology enabler?”
Rob Alger, Advanced Health Technology
CEO SUMMARY: Many hospital-based laboratories have a different mission than commercial laboratories. They must support the variety of provider types that participate inside the integrated healthcare system. Advanced Health Technologies (AHT)

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