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Of Radiology, Pathology, GE, Siemens, and Philips

WHY THE SUDDEN INTEREST IN IN VITRO DIAGNOSTICS (IVD) by companies serving radiology? Over the past 12 months, what motivated General Electric to spend $8.13 billion and Siemens AG to spend $7.1 billion to acquire their own large IVD manufacturers? I suspec…

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“Where’s The Beef?” AP’s AWOL at AmeriPath

REMEMBER THAT FAMOUS TELEVISION commercial from Wendy’s burger restaurants? The elderly lady scrutinizes a big hamburger bun that’s obviously short on meat and asks the seminal question “Where’s the beef?” In 1984, it was a catch line that captured the American imagination and was repeated…

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LIS Sales Decline in 2000 As Labs Shift Emphasis

CEO SUMMARY: THE DARK REPORT’S annual ranking of the Top Ten LIS Vendors reveals that sales of new LIS products declined for the second consecutive year. This is evidence that the influence of multi-hospital health systems is changing the way LIS is purchased and implemented. It is also…

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