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May 23, 2011 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

The first sequencing of the whole human genome back in 2000 unleashed a tidal wave of research and development. Recently, Fast Company Magazine quantified the dollar impact of the Human Genome Project and now says it totals $800 billion! Their reporter communicates this so succinctly that TH…

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Another Lab Acquisition: LabCorp To Buy DIANON

CEO SUMMARY: Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings will pay almost $598 million to buy DIANON Systems, Inc. of Stratford, Connecticut. With this move, anatomic pathology becomes a high profile growth target for LabCorp. During the past eight years, DIANON Systems has built a national…

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“July 10, 2000 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

When it comes to laboratory information services, the Internet may indeed be a competitive leveler. THE DARK REPORT is tracking a host of small software companies that already have working solutions for Web-enabled lab test ordering and results reporting installed and operating in the field. It seems…

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DARK REPORT Picks 1998’s Ten Biggest Lab Stories

CEO SUMMARY: Our story picks for 1998 demonstrate a broad range of subjects. Each affects laboratories and pathology practices in significant ways and should be used to trigger appropriate management strategies. Two essential themes among this year’s ten biggest lab stories: continued d…

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