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Ohio Hospitals Prevail in Suit Against Federal Lab Claims

IT TOOK FIVE YEARS, but federal courts finally gave victory to the Ohio Hospital Association (OHA) in its long-running battle against federal regulators over laboratory test billing issues.

Early last month, the OHA signed a settlement with the federal government which resolves the OHA lawsuit. More importantly, it preserves an earlier, very important, federal court ruling

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Private Insurers Sue SmithKline, Feds Pursue Labs In Six States

FRAUD AND ABUSE for laboratory billing is an issue which refuses to disappear. Private insurers filed a lawsuit against SmithKline Beecham last Thursday, seeking unspecified damages related to overcharging for laboratory testing during the years 1989-1995.

At the same time, news emerged last week that government prosecutors recently sent letters to hospitals in six states requesting

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Warning Ahead: Investigation And Litigation

NEWS THAT PRIVATE INSURERS FILED A MAJOR LAWSUIT against SmithKline Beecham last Thursday confirms something I’ve wondered about for several years. What would be the private insurer’s perspective on the same laboratory billing and reimbursement practices which triggered federal settlements with major laboratories?

Now we know. The opinion of private insurance companies is that they were ripped

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Probe of Columbia/HCA Generates Indictments

CEO SUMMARY: Hospital laboratory executives should pay close attention to how federal prosecutors develop their case against Columbia/HCA. Earlier “Labscam” settlements with commercial laboratories and hospital laboratory billing practices centered around restitution and fines for improper billing. In the case of Columbia, criminal charges against key executives will be an overarching part of this investigation.


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