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Incyte to Develop New Ways For Pathologists to Add Value

CONSOLIDATION OF PRIVATE PRACTICE PATHOLOGY GROUPS in Washington State has been ongoing. Because of their acquisitions, CellNetix and Incyte Diagnostics are now the state’s two largest pathology groups. The next challenge for these two pathology super-groups will …

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Laboratory Offers Early Lessons in Positioning for Success with ACOs

CEO SUMMARY: Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are already leading the shift from fee-for-service reimbursement to population payment. ACOs are leading healthcare’s evolution to preventive care, wellness, and better management of patients with chronic disease. This evolution will re…

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Health Insurers See Big Increase in Lab Utilization

CEO SUMMARY: In a recent public workshop, managed care executives revealed that the annual cost of outpatient laboratory testing is increasing at twice the rate of all other medical services. One big driver in the increased spending on lab testing is increased utilization…

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Executive War College Sessions Center Upon Three Trends

CEO SUMMARY: There was an interesting blend of anxiety and optimism as a record crowd gathered in New Orleans last week for the 18th annual Executive War College on Laboratory and Pathology Management. The anxiety was rooted in the shrinking prices paid by payers for lab testing services….

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PAML, Pathology and New Opportunities

BY ANY MEASURE, MAJOR CHANGES ARE COMING to the profession of laboratory medicine. I assume that you are familiar with most of the trends, healthcare reforms, and significant reductions in lab test reimbursement that appear regularly in the headlines. Many of these developments are unfavorable to th…

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Healthcare Reform Puts Local Labs at Risk

THESE ARE DANGEROUS TIMES for local clinical labs and community hospital-based pathology groups. Although several elements of healthcare reform and emerging models of integrated clinical care favor local labs, there are equally powerful trends at play with the potential to concentrate ever more marke…

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Health Insurers Now Finding Ways to Cut Costs and Shed Risks

CEO SUMMARY: Both employers and health insurers are taking aggressive steps to rein in healthcare costs. Several strategies to control spending and create powerful new incentives for providers are gaining favor. At this year’s Executive War College, Paul Mango of McKinsey & Company,…

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Cleveland Clinic Lab Aims to Grow Reference Testing

CEO SUMMARY: In the national market for reference and esoteric testing, Cleveland Clinic Laboratories (CCL) is preparing to expand its presence. It has just moved into a $75 million state-of-the-art laboratory facility and wants to increase its outreach reference testing by four-fold with…

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Today’s Lab Test Model Won’t Survive Reforms

CEO SUMMARY: For more than three decades, independent lab companies have waxed fat by increasing their respective market share of lab test referrals from office-based physicians. This era is poised to end as growing numbers of office-based physicians begin to practice medicine within an a…

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Congress Likely to Pass Deep Cuts in Lab Test Fees

CEO SUMMARY: All signs point to a potentially dismal financial outcome for the clinical lab testing industry as Congress tries to trim spending by $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years. At least three proposals to significantly cut lab test reimbursement are in active debate by fe…

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