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How Digital Pathology Helps Pathologists Deliver Added Value

“Pathologists have the opportunity to take on a new clinical role as the integrator
of all that digital pathology information, in combination with the patient’s other clinical data collected from a wide variety of sources.”

—Dirk G. Soenksen, M.S., M.B.A., Founder and CEO, Aperio
CEO Summary: During the 1990s, the pathology profession was exploring ways to use telepathology

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Proving that Pathology’s Popular Wisdom Is Wrong

IN THE ANATOMIC PATHOLOGY PROFESSION, THE POPULAR WISDOM is that any pathology group practice needs one or more hospital contracts as the primary source of specimens necessary to financially sustain the practice. Outreach specimens sourced from physicians’ offices then represent a profitable supplement to the hospital business served by the pathology group.

Three years ago, this

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