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New Privacy Breach Law Requires Labs to Respond

CEO SUMMARY: There were plenty of headlines about the passage of HITECH last February because of how it expanded funding for electronic medical records. But lesser known are new requirements that providers, including labs and pathology groups, must now take specific compliance actions in response to breaches involving protected health information (PHI). Enforcement of these

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“February 5, 2001 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

This time the Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA) looked in its own backyard to find a Executive Director. On Monday, February 12, Robert Neri will begin his responsibilities at CLMA. Not only does Neri have a long career in laboratory management, but he lives in the Philadelphia area, near CLMA’s offices in Malvern, Pennsylvania. CLMA’s

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Quest Diagnostics Emphasizes Venture Capital Investments

ONE SIGNIFICANT business strategy in play at Quest Diagnostics Incorporated is venture capital investing.

With $3 billion in sales, Quest Diagnostics is the largest clinical laboratory company in the United States. It understands that the traditional lab sales strategy of marketing to physicians’ offices can no longer support the company’s needs for sustained, rapid growth.
Equity Opportunities

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Kaiser, SBCL To Automate Pap Smear Screening

CEO SUMMARY: Two of the country’s largest Pap screen testing organizations are preparing to introduce automated primary screening into their laboratories. NeoPath’s con- tracts with SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories and Kaiser Permanente mark the beginning of a new market cycle. NeoPath is poised to exploit these developments while continuing to enhance AutoPap’s capabilities.


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