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Medicare Ends Coverage for Genetic Drug-Sensitivity Tests

CEO SUMMARY: Medicare’s decision to cease covering many pharmacogenomic tests puts as many as 19 million Americans who have genetic variations affecting their response to medications at risk. These medications are commonly prescribed for patients with cardiovascular disease, pain…

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Medicare Ends Coverage for Some Pharmacogenomic Testing

WHAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT giveth with one hand, it will often taketh away with the other hand. It might be argued that this is true of federal support of pharmacogenomic testing — particularly for those tests clinical labor…

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Report Shows Price Drop for Most Molecular Tests

CEO SUMMARY: In recent weeks, labs are reporting that Medicare contractors have begun to issue payments for molecular test claims filed—but unpaid—since January 1, 2013. A newly-issued analysis of this situation by Quorum Consulting indicates that, for many molecular assays, Medicare …

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