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Michigan’s Ascension to Standardize Labs Throughout the State

CEO SUMMARY: Two trends are driving a movement to standardize laboratory operations across large regions: the integration of clinical care and the need for hospitals and health networks to improve patient outcomes continuously. In Michigan, Ascension Health is an example of a lab team working to standardize lab testing activities among seven organizations, 14 hospitals,

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Will Coming Medicare Fee Cuts Reduce Access to Laboratory Tests?

SEVERAL IMPORTANT clinical laboratory associations are concerned that the lab test price reporting under the Patient Access to Medicare Act of 2014 will have a negative effect on diagnostic innovation and on Medicare beneficiaries’ access to lab testing services.

The American Clinical Laboratory Association wants to ensure that the new Medicare Part B clinical laboratory fee

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Just 66 of 742 Labs Submit Rate Data to California Department of Health Care Services

CEO SUMMARY: Federal officials tasked with implementing the PAMA lab market price reporting requirement would be well-served to study what happened in California when the Department of Health Care Services mandated market price reporting. According to DHCS, last year, only 9% of the state’s 742 labs submitted price data! This is evidence that requiring a lab to report every payer’s

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