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Ultimate Clinical Lab Automation: WakeMed Uses Drone to Deliver Patient Specimens

This is an excerpt from a 1,550-word article in the April 8, 2019 issue of THE DARK REPORT. The full article is available to members of The Dark Intelligence Group. CEO SUMMARY: For two years, clinical lab professionals at WakeMed Health and Hospitals have tested the use of aerial dron…

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Magnets to Move Tubes on ARUP’s Testing Line

CEO SUMMARY: In Salt Lake City, Utah, work is underway to pioneer use of an electro-magnetic conveyor system to automate the movement of large volumes of lab test specimens throughout the testing facility of ARUP Laboratories. Within two years, this new lab automation technology could all…

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Lab Automation Advocates Gather in Kobe, Japan

CEO SUMMARY: Everything relating to automation in clinical laboratory operations was the theme of the sixth “International Conference of Laboratory Automation and Robotics,” conducted last month in Kobe, Japan. Because laboratories in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan have two and three decade…

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Univ. of Tokyo Hospital Lab Has Plenty of Automation

CEO SUMMARY: In Japan, many clinical laboratories are in their third decade of using automation. At the University of Tokyo Hospital, total laboratory automation (TLA) was first implemented in 1991. Now on its fourth generation TLA system, this laboratory was worked upstream to automate s…

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Seoul, Korea Hosts Lab Automation Meeting

CEO SUMMARY: It was the fifth “International Conference on Laboratory Automation and Robotics.” Over the past decade, this meeting, started by the pioneers of clinical laboratory automation, has been the major forum to meet and discuss advances in all aspects of automation. This confe…

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Lab Automation Pioneer Assesses Outcomes

CEO SUMMARY: Debate has dogged the subject of laboratory automation since its earliest days. That was true during the early 1990s in Japan. It was true in Canada and the United States throughout the 1990s. It is still true in this decade. That is why it was startling to hear a founding fa…

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LAB-Interlink Hangs On Despite Financial Woes

CEO SUMMARY: It’s an uphill struggle at LAB-Interlink, based in Omaha, Nebraska. Short of funds, staffed with only a few employees, and urgently seeking capital, the company has so far managed to avoid filing for protection under bankruptcy laws. It is an unwelcome turn of events, since…

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AACC and CAP Meetings Generate Useful Insights

IT WAS A BUSY TIME LAST WEEK on the lab industry meeting circuit. THE DARK REPORT made the rounds and uncovered some valuable intelligence for lab directors and pathologists. First on the meeting tour was Philadelphia, site of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) a…

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Eight Trends Reshaping Clinical Lab Services

CEO SUMMARY: Once again, THE DARK REPORT’S annual list of lab industry trends deals less with government regulation and influence on laboratory operations and more with the impact of new technologies and new management philosophies. Marketplace acceptance of these lab industry trends is…

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“October 2, 2000 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

More clinical laboratories are interested in obtaining ISO-9000 certification. The laboratory divisions of Kaiser Permanente-Southern California and Kaiser Permanente-Northern California are each preparing for an ISO-9000 certification effort. As reported in this iss…

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