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“Pay for Performance” Starts For California Docs

CEO SUMMARY: California is a bellwether state for healthcare innovations. Six of its largest payers are collaborating on “Pay For Performance,” a program which pays financial incentives to physician group practices which achieve measurable outcomes in clinical care, patient satisfaction, and implementation of information technology. It’s expected to be a model for similar initiatives in

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To Protect Pathology Profits: Understand Managed Care

CEO SUMMARY: On November 8, 1997, THE DARK REPORT convened a private symposium restricted only to pathologists. The sole purpose of this event was to identify how pathologists could preserve and enhance their income. Within the confidential setting of a plush resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, experts and pathologists dissected the market dynamics eroding pathology compensation.

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Pathology As A Business: Experts Highlight Issues

CEO SUMMARY: A select group of business-minded pathologists broke new ground last week in Scottsdale, Arizona. Candid discussion about the profession’s most sensitive issues provoked a variety of strategies. Among the topics were declining reimbursement, arbitrary contract pricing for AP services, and the increasing vulnerability of small practices.

SOLUTIONS, NOT PROBLEMS, was the focus of an

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Market Assessment Leads Quest To Do Several Deals

CEO SUMMARY: Quest CEO Ken Freeman is moving rapidly to restructure Quest’s regional laboratory system. Using the financial head-start provided by the January spin-off from Corning, Inc., Quest purchased one laboratory and seeks to do joint venture deals in several cities. Quest’s activities will change the competitive situation in cities affected by these developments.

Competition for

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