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Lab Automation Advocates Gather in Kobe, Japan

CEO SUMMARY: Everything relating to automation in clinical laboratory operations was the theme of the sixth “International Conference of Laboratory Automation and Robotics,” conducted last month in Kobe, Japan. Because laboratories in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan have two and three decade…

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Retrospective on Lab Automation in Japan

DO YOU REMEMBER BACK TO THE FIRST TIME YOU HEARD NEWS that national lab companies like MetPath, Inc. and…

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Seoul, Korea Hosts Lab Automation Meeting

CEO SUMMARY: It was the fifth “International Conference on Laboratory Automation and Robotics.” Over the past decade, this meeting, started by the pioneers of clinical laboratory automation, has been the major forum to meet and discuss advances in all aspects of automation. This confe…

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Conference Speeches Offer Useful Insights

CEO SUMMARY: There is an interesting dichotomy between Asia and North America. The same problems and challenges exist in both regions—declining reimbursement and budgets, labor force issues, and the need to spend more for new diagnostic technology. Yet laboratories in both regions see a…

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Lab Automation Pioneer Assesses Outcomes

CEO SUMMARY: Debate has dogged the subject of laboratory automation since its earliest days. That was true during the early 1990s in Japan. It was true in Canada and the United States throughout the 1990s. It is still true in this decade. That is why it was startling to hear a founding fa…

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LIS Market Evolving To Serve New Needs

CEO SUMMARY: Ongoing reimbursement declines, coupled with other key factors, are pushing labs to seek new capabilities for their laboratory information systems (LIS). Another influence is the growth of molecular diagnostic programs in hospital labs. Molecular testing places unique demands…

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Total Laboratory Automation: It’s “ DOA” In Today’s Market

CEO SUMMARY: Since 1994, thoughtful lab executives have wrestled with the concept of total automation for their laboratory. Despite concerted marketing efforts by some of the world’s most successful diagnostics manufacturers, only a handful of total laboratory automation (TLA) sites are…

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An Industrial Engineer Looks At Laboratory Automation And Robotics

EDITOR’S INTRODUCTION: Last fall, Mark Smythe’s four-part DARK REPORT series about the thirteen “Perilous Parallels” common to commercial laboratory managers provoked widespread response among our clients and readers. We’ve invited him back to address management issues involving…

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