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automated pap smear screening

Tripath Imaging Ready To Roil Pap Test Market

CEO SUMMARY: Single-handedly, Cytyc Corporation has built the market for thin-layer Pap smear testing. Executives at TriPath Imaging are now ready to challenge Cytyc’s dominance by offering what they believe is a different value proposition to labs: an automated liquid preparation syste…

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DNA Diagnostics Market, Kaiser Permanente, TriPath Imaging, LifeScan

DNA DIAGNOSTICS MARKET GROWTH TO BE DOMINATED BY PCR TECHNOLOGY FOR THE YEAR 2000, total DNA diagnostic technology sales were estimated to be $517 million. By 2005, this number should increase to $771 million, a growth rate of 8.4% per year. This is the conclusion of Laura Roth, author of …

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Accurate Costing of New Pap Technology Proves Interesting

CEO SUMMARY: Various new technologies intended to supplant conventional Pap smear screening must deliver improved clinical performance in a cost-effective manner. Joseph Plandowski, our guest writer,concludes his three-part series on new Pap smear technologies by evaluating actual lab cos…

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Market Hesitates to Embrace Automated Screening Products

CEO SUMMARY: Technology to enhance and improve conventional Pap smear screening was introduced into the clinical marketplace almost five years ago. But the clinical laboratory industry has yet to embrace these various technologies in any meaningful way. Like the introduction of liquid pre…

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Pap Smear Marketplace Shifting into High Gear

CEO SUMMARY: It took just four years to shake out the weakest competitors in the emerging field of automated cytology. Now only TriPath Imaging, Inc. and Cytyc Corporation remain in competition. Indications are that this will be a nasty battle. Pathologists and lab executives contemplatin…

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Surprise Merger Changes Cytology Marketplace

CEO SUMMARY: Expect the merger of AutoCyte, Inc. and NeoPath, Inc. to inaugurate a new market cycle for automated cytology systems. FDA approval of AutoCyte’s liquid preparation system, called PREP™, sets the stage for intensified marketing battles between the AutoCyte/NeoPath consort…

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Automated Pap Smear Screening Expected to Build Market Share

EXPECT 1999 TO BE A PIVOTAL YEAR in automated Pap smear screening. This new technology is now poised to enter general clinical usage. As it does, an increasing volume of clinical data will make the case: either automated screening of Pap smears is clinically effective and economically justified—or…

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DARK REPORT Picks 1998’s Ten Biggest Lab Stories

CEO SUMMARY: Our story picks for 1998 demonstrate a broad range of subjects. Each affects laboratories and pathology practices in significant ways and should be used to trigger appropriate management strategies. Two essential themes among this year’s ten biggest lab stories: continued d…

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SBCL Makes System-Wide Commitment To AutoPap

SOMEONE ALWAYS HAS TO BE FIRST to adopt new technology. In the case of automated cytology, it will be SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories (SBCL). SBCL and NeoPath, Inc. announced a four-year national agreement between the two companies on October 9 which will e…

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