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Tripath Imaging Ready To Roil Pap Test Market

CEO SUMMARY: Single-handedly, Cytyc Corporation has built the market for thin-layer Pap smear testing. Executives at TriPath Imaging are now ready to challenge Cytyc’s dominance by offering what they believe is a different value proposition to labs: an automated liquid preparation system married to an automated Pap smear screening system that can read both thin-layer

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Accurate Costing of New Pap Technology Proves Interesting

CEO SUMMARY: Various new technologies intended to supplant conventional Pap smear screening must deliver improved clinical performance in a cost-effective manner. Joseph Plandowski, our guest writer,concludes his three-part series on new Pap smear technologies by evaluating actual lab costs of the specific Pap smear technologies. His conclusion is that reimbursement drives the adoption rate of

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Market Hesitates to Embrace Automated Screening Products

CEO SUMMARY: Technology to enhance and improve conventional Pap smear screening was introduced into the clinical marketplace almost five years ago. But the clinical laboratory industry has yet to embrace these various technologies in any meaningful way. Like the introduction of liquid preparation methods for Pap smear testing, these various technologies to enhance and automate

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Surprise Merger Changes Cytology Marketplace

CEO SUMMARY: Expect the merger of AutoCyte, Inc. and NeoPath, Inc. to inaugurate a new market cycle for automated cytology systems. FDA approval of AutoCyte’s liquid preparation system, called PREP™, sets the stage for intensified marketing battles between the AutoCyte/NeoPath consortium and Cytyc Corporation. Clinical laboratories should benefit from this competition.

When the recently-announced merger between

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