american international pathology laboratories

Bostwick Laboratories Puts Facilities on Market

CEO SUMMARY: Events are unfolding rapidly at Bostwick Laboratories, Inc., of Glen Allen, Virginia. In recent months, the company has listed its facilities in Arizona, Tennessee, New York, and Virginia for sale or lease. In July, it agreed to pay a civil fine of $129,000 to settle…

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DC Area Labs Busy Hiring Subspecialist Pathologists

CEO SUMMARY: When a mass exodus of at least 15 civilian subspecialist pathologists left the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) to join the newly-formed American International Pathology Laboratories (AIPL) in September, it triggered a number of consequences for both labs, …

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Bostwick Builds New Lab Around 25 Ex-AFIP Paths

CEO SUMMARY: In an opportunistic business move, Bostwick Laboratories is recruiting up to 25 pathologists and a similar number of staff members from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP). AFIP is scheduled to close in 2011, at which time it will transit…

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