Helping Labs Get Ahead Of the CDHP Tsunami

Timely insights to help craft effective strategies to benefit from healthcare’s emerging big trend

THIS IS THE THIRD WHITE PAPER published by THE DARK REPORT in the past 10 years. We think you will find it the single most important intelligence briefing we’ve produced.

That’s because of two reasons. First, the American healthcare system is in the earliest stages of total revolution. Like every true revolution, upheaval disrupts the status quo and creates new winners and losers from among the survivors. It will be no different this time.

Second, with this White Paper on Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDHPs), THE DARK REPORT is providing its clients and regular readers with sophisticated analysis and understanding of this revolution—before it happens! This makes the information priceless for your laboratory and your pathology group practice because it gives you timely warning. You now have the opportunity to develop and implement effective business and clinical strategies before the full impact of the coming healthcare revolution.

A word of advice as you read this White Paper. We decided to present this information in the form of a question and answer interview with McKinsey & Co. consultant Paul Mango for a specific reason. It is a format that allows Mango to educate you about all the market factors and strategic considerations that surround the rapidly-building momentum in favor of consumer-directed health plans.

As Mango ranges across the full spectrum of issues touched by the CDHP trend, it sets up the most important part of this White Paper. On pages 29-30, Mango offers his advice and recommendations on how laboratories, pathology groups, and other healthcare providers can prosper in a healthcare system dominated by CDHPs.

As has been consistently true over the past decade, this White Paper again makes THE DARK REPORT first to alert you to key strategic business and clinical issues that affect your laboratory. Along with the early warning, you have a sophisticated analysis of how CDHPs will impact the American healthcare system. Most importantly, we are providing you with specific recommendations on how to maintain your laboratory as one of this coming revolution’s winners!


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