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Published every three weeks, The Dark Report membership is the best source of news, analysis, and insight than any other clinical lab business intelligence resource. Readers of The Dark Report are never surprised, never left out, and never behind their competitors. As a member of The Dark Report, you will:

Dark Report Membership - Generate new revenue

Generate new revenue

Identify the new needs of physicians, patients, and hospitals.

Run a more-efficient lab

Streamline workflows, improve outcomes, cut costs.

The Dark Generate new revenue

Become more innovative

Discover opportunities to meet market demands.

Keep ahead of trends

Be able to respond to important industry developments.

Navigate the regulatory landscape

Avoid pitfalls, reduce compliance risk, and submit clean claims.

Understand new technologies

Know the why, how, and when to incorporate them into your organization.

Never be surprised or behind your competitors

If you’re a clinical laboratory or anatomic pathology group leader seeking to keep your organization successful and at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies, then you need a Dark Report membership, the best source of news, analysis, and insight than any other clinical lab business intelligence resource.

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The Dark Report Membership – Features and Benefits

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Choose among our print, digital, and platinum Dark Report memberships. With print, you’ll be mailed a new issue every 3 weeks. With digital and platinum, you’ll have access to all of the insightful intelligence of The Dark Report on your desktop and/or mobile devices.

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Thousands of in-depth articles

with a digital or platinum membership

It’s like having industry experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Each issue of The Dark Report brings insights into breaking lab industry news, along with ideas and actionable steps you and your lab team can make to improve patient care, slash costs while boosting quality and generate the additional revenue you need to maintain clinical excellence and sustain your lab’s finances. With a digital or platinum subscription, you’ll also get years’ worth of knowledge from industry experts.

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Topics that matter

The Dark Report keeps you informed on the latest news, trends, and issues that directly affect your organization.

Clinical lab management

Find out what peers are doing to improve their testing processes, workflows, revenue management, and staffing.

Anatomic pathology

Get insights into how pathologists’ jobs are changing, including the growing shift to digital pathology.

Reimbursement and new revenue

Learn strategies that boost a lab or pathology practice’s bottom line, whether through more effective billing and coding or new ways to earn money.

Managed care

Explore how healthcare insurers are changing the way beneficiaries are cared for, including through value-based models that influence lab testing.


Read the latest details about software and instrument advancements that affect labs, such as automation and artificial intelligence.

Market changes

Discover laboratory company acquisitions and new players that shift the landscape for diagnostic testing.


Stay updated about regulatory changes, CLIA inspection trends, and court cases that affect how laboratories and pathology groups operate.

IVD updates

Keep informed about trends and developments with in vitro diagnostics manufacturers and what they mean for lab directors and pathologists.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about The Dark Report and membership plans.

What kind of information is in The Dark Report?

The Dark Report is your exclusive source for capitation pricing trends, laboratory business strategies, and competitive market assessments. A membership will help you generate new revenue, run a more-efficient lab, become more innovative, understand new technologies, and stay ahead of trends.

What is different about the intelligence provided by The Dark Report?

Information in The Dark Report comes from unimpeachable sources. It is verified to the greatest extent possible. Most importantly, it’s filtered through some of the finest strategic minds in the laboratory industry. This adds relevance and interpretation that you can’t get from other sources.

Why do I need The Dark Report?

You need The Dark Report if you are concerned about your laboratory’s ability to survive future challenges and emerge financially solvent and operationally stable. Our competitive edge keeps you current with what works…and what doesn’t.

Can The Dark Report really help my lab make money?

Yes. You will learn proven methods to cut costs. You will discover strategies for bidding capiated RFPs that allow you to win, with higher bids than competing labs. Learn a full range of strategic and operational approaches that are successful in the real world. These are proven approaches that your lab can utilize.

How often is The Dark Report published?

A new Dark Report intelligence briefing is sent every three weeks. It is chock full of concise intelligence about major events within the laboratory industry.

What’s included in my membership?

That depends on the membership level you choose. All members benefit from a new intelligence briefing every three weeks. Check out the membership comparison chart below to see the benefits of each membership level.

Why should I become a Platinum member?

The platinum membership is the best value that brings the most benefits! In addition to the news, insights, and analysis brought to you by the intelligence briefing, you’ll also get access to thousands of articles in our digital archive, plus access to select Executive War College audio sessions, and discounts on select live events, webinars, and special reports.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

Once you sign up, you will be given 14 days free access to The Dark Report. Member benefits depend upon which membership you choose. At the end of your trial, you will automatically be charged an upfront fee that varies depending on your membership level and that will cover your first six months of membership (unless you cancel before your trial ends). Your membership will then automatically renew every six months. You may cancel at any time.

Do you offer discounts for group memberships?

Absolutely, please email us at for more information on group discounts for your team or entire organization.

What if I have other questions?

You can reach us by emailing

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