Pathologists Will Learn Income-Boosting Methods

Scottsdale is site for private symposium dedicated to enhancing pathology profits

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CEO SUMMARY: Reimbursement for pathology services continues to decline. Despite this fact, savvy pathologists throughout the country are steadily increasing their take-home income. Their proven methods and secret strategies will be the theme of the Private Pathology Income Symposium. This year’s event will teach participating pathologists how to preserve and enhance their practice income.

REIMBURSEMENT FOR PATHOLOGY services continues to decline. Despite this fact, a select group of savvy pathologists are steadily increasing their take-home income.

Their proven methods and well-kept secrets for boosting pathology income will be shared at the upcoming Private Pathology Income Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Scheduled for November 13-14, 1998 at the plush Sunburst Resort, the private symposium is a direct consequence of the precedent-shattering event produced for pathologists by THE DARK REPORT in 1997.

“Most pathologists would probably agree that the subject of pathology compensation is taboo at public meetings,” stated Robert Michel, Editor-In- Chief of THE DARK REPORT. “Last year we decided to break that taboo. We believed it was time that pathologists learned the money secrets of the pros.

“Last November we convened a panel of pathology’s shrewdest minds in business and finance,” he said. “We then invited like-minded pathologists to participate in candid, free-wheeling sessions about how to preserve and enhance the money made by pathologists. We were careful to exclude hospital administrators from attendance to protect revelations about the nitty-gritty of negotiating hospital-based pathology contracts.”

Boosting Pathology Profits

“It was like putting various ingredients for a delicious gumbo into the pot and then turning up the heat,” recalled Michel. “That first Private Pathology Income Symposium energized pathologists and faculty alike with easy strategies and methods for boosting profits and enhancing pathology income.

“Pathologists at this pioneering event told us it was the single most powerful source of knowledge about protecting their money they’d ever experienced,” he recalled. “They insisted that we hold another private income symposium and that it be expanded into two days.”

The upcoming Private Pathology Income Symposium will be useful to pathologists at any level of financial sophistication. “Participating pathologists will discover that most of these money strategies are simple to learn. As pathologists gain experience and familiarity in using these strategies, they become more subtle in their implementation.”

Pathologists attending the symposium will learn to understand why Medicare risk contracts offer them only “80%” of Medicare fees for AP services. More importantly, they will learn where the real money is in Medicare risk contracting and how to get their fair share.

“This symposium will teach pathologists why disease management is more than a buzz word,” stated Michel. “We have Richard Adelson, National Sales and Marketing Director for IMPATH, Inc. coming to discuss how and why community hospital-based pathologists should develop their brand of anatomic pathology disease management services. In the future, this will be the source of profits from anatomic pathology.

“Even more exciting is the information about how pathology practices can develop value-added services in clinical pathology… and get paid for them! We are pleased to have a pathology group from a highly-respected hospital share with the symposium its experience at providing clinicians with test reports that include a professional clinical pathology component.

“Clinicians reacted enthusiastically to this information,” continued Michel, “More importantly, this pathology practice now earns seven figures annually from its clinical pathology professional billings. MCOs recognize the value of these professional services and are reimbursing for them.

“These are just some of the breakthrough income and reimbursement techniques which pathologists will learn and master during the symposium,” he added. “Experts in pathology practice management, pathology law, and pathology contracting will teach little-known, but highly effective methods for minimizing risk and maximizing practice income.”

Other topics to be covered at the Private Pathology Income Symposium include: evaluating pathology PPM offers for your practice; market forces driving pathology compensation and effective ways to counter them; finding lost money in your billing department that your manager doesn’t even know exists; and pathology contract strategies in the hospital and HMO worlds.

As was true of last year’s symposium, attendance is strictly limited to 100 pathologists and their business advisers. This insures open, candid discussion of the issues and permits one-on-one dialogue between any participant and the symposium faculty.

“This is the single most important event for any pathologist concerned about his or her standard of living and financial future,” observed Michel. “It is an unusual opportunity to learn from successful professionals. The confidential setting makes it possible to discuss practical details about how to apply this knowledge in any pathology practice setting.”

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