May 23, 2016 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News

Patients of Health Diagnostic Laboratories who were tested between 2009 and 2014 are now being dunned by a collection agency! Creditors in the HDL bankruptcy case have engaged a Florida collection agency to go after 9,000 accounts. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the amount of these bills totals $50 million, according to bankruptcy court documents.

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What makes this situation even more unique is that, according to court papers filed in the federal whistleblower lawsuit against HDL, the lab company regularly told physicians and patients that no bills would ever be sent to patients. Thus, these 9,000 patients are learning for the first time since they were tested by HDL between two and seven years ago, that a collection agency wants them to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for those lab tests. The Internet is full of messages from patients who are angry and upset about these collection notices. Some patients are even threatening to band together, find a lawyer, and fight this collection effort as a group.


Do patients have a right to the genetic data generated when they are tested by medical laboratories? According to Reuters, that is at the heart of a complaint against Myriad Genetics, Inc., that was filed by four patients and the American Civil Liberties Union with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Offices of Civil Rights earlier this month. Reuters wrote, “The complaint says Myriad had violated the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which guarantees patients access to their medical records, by providing test reports that included only findings Myriad deemed clinically actionable.” Myriad says that, because it has changed its policy and is releasing this data to patients, that “the ACLU’s claim is without merit.” An ACLU spokesman said that the group would continue to pursue the complaint because it wants a “determination that patients have a right to all their genetic information.”


  • Personal Genome Diagnostics of Baltimore, Maryland, hired Douglas Ward to be its new CEO. Ward has held executive positions with Ventana Medical Systems, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Siemens Healthcare, Bayer Diagnostics, Chiron Corporation, and Ciba Corning Diagnostics.

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…the news that the Medicare program is ahead of schedule with its transition away from fee-for-service and toward new reimbursement models. It wanted a third of traditional payments moved away from FFS by the end of 2016, but hit that goal in January 2016.

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