June 1, 2020 Intelligence: Late-Breaking Lab News

Daily, national news headlines call attention to the lack of adequate testing for COVID-19. News reporters question why clinical labs are unable to meet the demand for SARS-CoV-2 tests. One major reason is the lack of adequate supplies labs need to collect specimens, transport them, and perform COVID-19 tests in large numbers. This is one finding of a study conducted by the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP). In a press release issued last Thursday, it reported that supply chain issues are one major reason why clinical labs are unable to perform large numbers of COVID-19 tests.

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AMP said its survey generated¬†118 complete responses,¬†of which 95 labs were AMP¬†members and 23 labs were¬†non-members. It wrote, ‚Äúthe¬†types of supply chain interruptions¬†that laboratories experienced¬†were vast and include¬†testing platforms, testing kits,¬†reagents, swabs, viral transport¬†media (VTM), laboratory¬†consumables, and PPE, with¬†swabs being the biggest limitation¬†across laboratories.‚ÄĚ For¬†labs which complain that when¬†shipping supplies vendors favor¬†some labs over others, the AMP¬†survey offers evidence that this¬†may be true. In response to¬†questions about the restrictions¬†and allocation of testing kitsand reagents, 70% of hospital¬†and health system labs and¬†64% of academic medical center¬†labs said they were unable to¬†get adequate quantities due to¬†either government restrictions¬†or how vendors were allocating¬†kits. By contrast, only 13% of¬†commercial reference laboratories¬†said they could not get¬†adequate supplies.


In recent weeks, The Dark Report initiated a free dailyservice that provides realtime news, information, and alerts to help clinical labs and pathology groups respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.The COVID-19 STAT Intelligence Briefings website is: https://covid19briefings.com. COVID-19 Live! calls lasting 30 minutes take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 PM EDT. All lab professionals are invited to participate.


‚Äʬ†Progenity, Inc., of Austin,¬†Texas, announced that Damon¬†Silvestry is now its new Chief¬†Operating Officer. He previously¬†held executive positions¬†at Natera, Miraca Life Sciences,¬†Recy-Kleen, and Dell.

‚Äʬ†Tony Serafini-Lamanna was¬†promoted to Executive Vice¬†President, Diagnostics, at¬†Meridian Bioscience Inc.,¬†of Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to¬†Meridian, he was with Siemens¬†Healthcare Diagnostics.


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…when and why patients¬†stopped showing up in doctors ‚Äôoffices, ERs, and other healthcare¬†settings because of the¬†COVID-19 outbreak, causing¬†a huge drop in the daily volume of routine testing referred to¬†labs and pathology groups.

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