1998’s Movers & Shakers Go Beyond The Ordinary

Our annual selection of lab industry executives striving to achieve management excellence

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CEO SUMMARY: As the laboratory industry undergoes fundamental change, new business and management models must be developed. Our list of “Movers and Shakers” for 1998 highlights individuals now leading the science of laboratory management toward these new paradigms.

FINDING EXAMPLES OF LEADERSHIP and innovation among executives and managers within the clinical laboratory industry can be a frustrating task.

After all, times are tough for laboratories. Declining reimbursement weakens the financial performance of most laboratories. Hospital mergers and alliances fuel widespread laboratory downsizing and consolidation. Clinical integration of healthcare requires laboratories to perform tests and report results in different ways.

But times of stress and crises are when people most need the examples provided by leaders and role models. That is one reason why THE DARK REPORT’S annual selection of “Movers & Shakers” attracts so much attention.

For 1998, we’ve selected five individuals to share honors as “Movers and Shakers” in the laboratory industry. These five individuals share uncommon qualities of innovation and initiative. More importantly, they possess a forward-looking vision, coupled with an uncanny ability to get people to change and move towards the unknown.

Whether in an academic or clinical setting, our five selectees use sophisticated leadership and management skills to nurture change and create common purpose. Consequently, their laboratory organizations can be considered top performers.

Leadership and management skills are essential to success in any organization. The clinical laboratory industry is no different. Those laboratories which did well in 1997 have a higher caliber of executive leadership than their competitors. As the growth of managed health- care places a premium on business management skills, laboratories with sophisticated leadership will be better positioned to succeed and prosper.

In choosing these five people as 1998’s “Movers & Shakers,” the goal was to identify individuals whose established track record indicates they will continue guiding their respective laboratory organizations towards progressive new ways of providing medical tests.

Making such choices is never easy. To aid the process, the list was restricted in two ways. First, it was limited to executives who directly work in either an academic or clinical laboratory environment. Second, it excluded executives employed by laboratory vendors, such as instrument manufacturers and LIS companies. In these cases, the quality of the product is often integral to the success of the executive.

These five individuals share several common traits. They are passionate about their vision. They communicate that vision effectively to co-workers and others. They go outside the laboratory industry to find solutions to their problems. They use sophisticated management tools to implement necessary changes in their laboratory organizations. Undoubtedly there are others who deserve to be recognized as laboratory “Movers & Shakers.” THE DARK REPORT encourages clients and readers to contact us with information about such individuals.

As was true of our selectees from earlier years, expect to hear more about these five people and their laboratory organizations during 1998 and beyond. Reaction by the marketplace to their innovations will provide invaluable knowledge for the entire clinical laboratory industry.

This is vitally important. Current market trends will continue to transform traditional laboratory organizations. New paths blazed by these laboratory leaders and innovators will point our industry toward the best business ideas for restoring stability and prosperity.03-02-98 image 1

03-02-98 image 2

03-02-98 image 3

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