You Asked for It. We Organized It.

DESPITE THE EASING OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN RECENT MONTHS, a pre-pandemic normal does not yet exist—if it ever will. Currently, most clinical laboratories, particularly those serving hospitals and health systems, are under the most intense pressure seen in decades. 

At this moment, the big three sources of major headaches for lab managers are the urgent need to control lab costs, the struggle to maintain adequate staffing across all positions, and the challenge of increasing revenue (that would help pay for increased labor costs while shrinking the budget gap). During last April’s Executive War College, a number of lab leaders asked if it was possible to organize a gathering where lab managers could learn what’s working to address the cost, staffing, and revenue issues listed above. Importantly, they wanted these gatherings to include networking with peers and an open exchange of ideas. 

You asked for it. We organized it. As you will read here, we’ve developed a strategic roundtable series that will travel from city to city this fall and winter, starting with Chicago and Miami. Each roundtable is one and one-half days. Morning of day one will address cost-cutting and workflow redesign. Afternoon of day one will focus on the spectrum of staff recruiting, best hiring tactics, and effective approaches to improve staff retention. Following a networking event that evening, the morning of day two takes up the best ways to increase revenue, build operating margins, and win new clients. At noon, the strategic roundtable concludes and your lab managers will be back in your lab, armed with proven ideas and energized to get results. 

Each learning module has two leaders from labs delivering value on that topic. After short presentations, attendees will engage in candid brainstorming and networking sessions so that ideas and best practices can be shared. This is the hands-on, peer engagement process that many of you requested from us. 

The beauty of this strategic roundtable concept is that it happens near your lab, tuition is affordable, travel expenses are minimal, and the lab managers you send will be out of the lab only two days. Upon their return, they will have proven approaches to cutting costs that can swiftly deliver monthly savings of $10K, $20K, or more! This is the most powerful value proposition we can offer you at a time when it can make a huge difference for your lab, your parent organization, and the physicians and patients you serve. 



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