Labs Poised to Add Value to Docs and Patients

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CAREFULLY READ OUR COVERAGE AND ANALYSIS about cytochrome P450 (CYP450) testing on pages 2-9. CYP450 testing is likely to be one of the most important developments in laboratory medicine in the past two decades.

I say that for two reasons. First, test panels designed to detect multiple polymorphisms in cytochrome P450 will allow physicians to determine, in advance and with increasing accuracy, how a specific patient will respond to a specific drug. Second, CYP450 testing will be appropriate prior to issuing prescriptions that cover 25% or more of the existing formulary.

CYP450 testing promises two positive outcomes for the healthcare system. “Trial and error” prescribing will be greatly reduced, since physicians will know ahead of time whether the patient will get therapeutic benefit from a specific drug. The number of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) will decline, since the physician was able to determine, in advance, that the patient was a no-metabolizer, slow-metabolizer, or ultra-fast-metabolizer.

With 2.8 billion prescriptions filled each year in the United States, this positions CYP450 testing to become a high-volume test for any laboratory with a certain size and scale. Because CYP450 testing yields high clinical value, experts believe it will be appropriately reimbursed. These two reasons, taken together, are stirring excitement among certain vendors and the nation’s largest laboratory companies.

I’d like to add one point to our coverage about CYP450 testing. I believe that consumers will be quick to push rapid adoption of this test by individual physicians. As the word gets out about how this test can help avoid serious, even fatal, adverse drug events, consumers will do their homework. Educated and armed with facts printed from the Internet, they will challenge their doctors and insist that these tests be ordered for themselves and their family members. This is a major development and you are among the first to understand how and why CYP450 testing has the potential to be transformational across our healthcare system.

Furthermore, this is another example of how THE DARK REPORT gives you actionable business intelligence, along with the time and knowledge needed to position your laboratory or pathology group ahead of events. Once more, THE DARK REPORT has provided you with a priceless competitive advantage over your laboratory competitors!


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