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December 15, 2014 Intelligence: Late-Breaking Lab News

In certain respects, the noted physician and healthcare strategist Eric Topol, M.D., of Scripps Healthcare in La Jolla, California, can be considered a gadfly to pathology and the laboratory medicine profession. In his latest pronouncements on patient-centered healthcare, he warned clinical labs about the need to stay ahead of the technology wave that is transforming

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Powerful Trends Reshaping Anatomic Path Profession

CEO SUMMARY: THE DARK REPORT presents its newest biannual review of macro trends reshaping the anatomic pathology profession. These macro trends reveal a profession undergoing change and transformation on multiple fronts. New competitors are crowding into the market, payers and accrediting agencies are demanding higher standards of performance, and a host of new technologies are

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Pathologists Contribute To Women’s Hospital

CEO SUMMARY: Speedier pathology reports and more active involvement with clinicians are two ways that the 15 pathologists at Pathology Group of the Mid-South help Baptist Memorial Women’s Hospital meet its goals of improved outcomes and a patient-friendly environment. Even with an off-site pathology laboratory, same-day reports for most small needle biopsy reports is the

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