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PATHOLOGISTS MAY SOON BE ABLE TO PURCHASE a smaller and less expensive digital scanning system that fits on a microscope. DMetrix, Inc., of Tucson, Arizona, is working to downsize its flagship digital pathology imaging system.

Pixuan “Joe” Zhou, Ph.D, is President of DMetrix. He recently told a reporter for the

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Ascendium Consulting Is New Firm In Lab Market

CEO SUMMARY: Growing numbers of laboratories are taking steps to reengineer work flow, evaluate automation solutions, and improve the operational performance of their laboratory. This is fueling a demand for laboratory consulting services and Ascendium Consulting is this newest healthcare and lab consulting company in this marketplace. It became operational on January 1, 2008, as

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Hospitals Saw Several Benefits In Forming Laboratory Joint Venture

CEO SUMMARY: For the past eight years, growing numbers of hospitals and health systems have launched laboratory outreach programs. Hospital CEOs are recognizing that laboratory outreach programs generate worthwhile operational gains, along with steadily-increasing revenues. However, laboratory outreach programs also require a significant capital investment, because the hospital laboratory needs to match the service levels

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HealthcheckUSA Makes Progress With Consumers

CEO SUMMARY: There’s a story behind the story at HealthcheckUSA, one of the nation’s best-known sources offering consumers direct access to laboratory testing. Its primary business is holding community screens and grocery store lab testing programs throughout the United States. Because it is a middleman, HealthcheckUSA farms out the actual testing to contract laboratories.


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LabCorp Seeks $500 Million Through Public Stock Offering

CEO SUMMARY: After a financially difficult year in 1996, LabCorp enters 1997 with plans to raise $500 million. Despite the laboratory industry’s poor prospects, LabCorp will probably succeed in raising capital. After this infusion of capital, will LabCorp’s new management team have winning strategies that restore LabCorp to profitability?


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