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LabCorp Starts Tinkering With DIANON Systems

CEO SUMMARY: For almost two decades, DIANON Systems supported one of the most successful sales and marketing programs in the public laboratory sector. However, despite its pre-acquisition statements that it would retain DIANON’s operational integrity, LabCorp has already begun to implem…

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Genesis Clinical Laboratory Hits Outreach Home Run

CEO SUMMARY: Commercial laboratory consolidation has left Chicago with only a handful of laboratory providers. New management at MacNeal Hospital’s for-profit laboratory division recognized this opportunity. During the past three years, the outreach program was revitalized and the sales…

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Management Execution Part of AML’s Success

CEO SUMMARY: Swift and positive changes at American Medical Laboratories (AML) came as a direct result of energetic management. AML provides lab executives with an outstanding case study of how to take an existing, somewhat tranquil lab organization and turn it into a high-performance rev…

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First-Ever National Gathering Of Lab Sales Managers

CEO SUMMARY: Here’s a news-making event for the clinical laboratory industry: a first-ever national meeting of the country’s best sales and marketing managers. Scheduled as a new addition to the EXECUTIVE WAR COLLEGE on May 11-13, it’s an unprecedented opportunity for the nation’s…

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National Labs Cut Costs Using Radical Strategies

CEO SUMMARY: All three national laboratories are dumping unprofitable accounts and unprofitable lines of testing. It ends the era when commercial labs “gave away” testing to any client willing to open an account. The three national laboratories are enacting stiffer requirements for ne…

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National Lab Strategies Will Impact Competitors

CEO SUMMARY: Not since the era of commercial lab consolidation ended has such a significant trend emerged. As the three national labs eliminate service to unprofitable accounts, profound changes will occur to the market for laboratory and pathology services. How quickly this leads to impr…

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