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Pathologists Will Learn Income-Boosting Methods

CEO SUMMARY: Reimbursement for pathology services continues to decline. Despite this fact, savvy pathologists throughout the country are steadily increasing their take-home income. Their proven methods and secret strategies will be the theme of the Private Pathology Income Symposium. This year’s event will teach participating pathologists how to preserve and enhance their practice income.


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Selling A Path Practice Requires Knowledge, Savvy & Good Timing

CEO SUMMARY: Historically, there was virtually no market for buying and selling pathology practices. That is rapidly changing as the first pathology practice management (PPM) companies enter the marketplace. Their business plan requires them to acquire pathology practices if they are to grow and prosper. In the first installment of this special two-part series, we

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1997’s Top Ten Lab Stories Predict New Directions

CEO SUMMARY: Events during 1997 reveal that the laboratory industry continues to undergo fundamental change. Yet even amidst the industry’s downsizing, selected laboratory organizations continue to flourish. Here is THE DARK REPORT’s annual look at top stories for the year. A careful analysis of their impact leads to some interesting conclusions.


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Physician Solutions Gets Venture Capital Funding

CEO SUMMARY: Physician Solutions becomes the second pathology-based physician practice management company to receive venture capital funding. The company is poised to acquire a number of pathology practices in cities throughout the United States. It is another sign that traditional pathology business models are about to undergo fundamental change.


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Physician Management Companies Exploding, Will Transform Healthcare

CEO SUMMARY: Consolidation and integration of healthcare services will be the dominant trend during the next five years. It happened to commercial laboratories from 1985-95. Widespread hospital consolidation began around 1990 and continues today. Now consolidation is coming to physicians. As physician practices consolidate and come under the management of multi-billion dollar national corporations, both

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Success Seems Elusive To Pathology Innovators

CEO SUMMARY: Attempts to organize pathology practice management companies encounter resistance and market impediments. Success requires an astute business plan and a sophisticated management team to convince pathologists to abandon proven practice models and affiliate with regional or national pathology companies.

PATHOLOGISTS ARE NOTORIOUS for their skepticism and resistance to change. However, during the last three

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