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Spectrum’s IT Strategy Now Includes EMRs

CEO SUMMARY: By offering client-physicians an electronic medical records (EMR)  system, Spectrum Lab Network expects to gain competitive advantage. The EMR solution supports Spectrum’s strategy of providing enhanced and integrated informatics services to all users, including physicians, payers, and patients. Until now, no lab has ever offered to be a source of EMR sales and service to office-based physicians.


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Spectrum Owns MEDex, Comments on Trends

CEO SUMMARY: Spectrum Laboratory Network recently completed its acquisition of MEDex Laboratories, Inc. of Kingsport, Tennessee. It is becoming a regional laboratory powerhouse, challenging Laboratory Corporation of America in North Carolina and establishing a sales base in Atlanta, long-dominated by Quest Diagnostics Incorporated. It is also adding managed care contracts.


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Spectrum Lab Network Expands Into Tennessee

CEO SUMMARY: During the past four years, this energized hospital laboratory joint venture has posted significant growth in its laboratory outreach program. One notable accomplishment has been the effective deployment and use of Web browser-based lab test orders and results reporting with its client physicians. The operational and service benefits from this strategy have been

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A Tale of Two Cities: New York Versus L.A.

CEO SUMMARY: Here’s a dramatic comparison of the effects of advanced managed care on West Coast laboratories as compared to East Coast laboratories. While Los Angeles labs endured radical downsizing and bankruptcy, New York experienced significant increases to existing laboratory capacity. The consequence could be that some New York laboratories may yet have to undergo

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Second War College Set For New Orleans In May

CEO SUMMARY: Laboratory consolidation and networking activity continues to intensify. This year’s War College faculty features exceptional stories about what works and what doesn’t. New Orleans is the place to be on May 20-21 for proactive laboratory administrators and pathologists seeking to give their organization a competitive advantage.


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