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Molecular Diagnostics: How Beaumont Built A Successful Program

CEO SUMMARY: It was about 15 years ago when William Beaumont Hospital and Beaumont Reference Laboratories first began offering molecular diagnostic testing services to clinicians. This successful effort came about because of effective strategic planning, use of consulting expertise at key junctures, and careful evaluation of the finances for each molecular assay added to the

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LIS Market Evolving To Serve New Needs

CEO SUMMARY: Ongoing reimbursement declines, coupled with other key factors, are pushing labs to seek new capabilities for their laboratory information systems (LIS). Another influence is the growth of molecular diagnostic programs in hospital labs. Molecular testing places unique demands on an LIS, which may further motivate labs to acquire newest-generation IT solutions versus upgrading

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ASCP’s “Molecular Pathology” Certification Now Available

RECOGNIZING the growing importance of molecular pathology, the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) established a new certification program in this diagnostic specialty.

Offered since June 2003, 18 people have passed the examination and can use the designation “MP (ASCP).” Pre-requisites for the MP designation are a baccalaureate degree and on-the-job training in molecular pathology.

This sets

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