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“July 23, 2001 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Chairman and CEO Mark Chandler recently disclosed that researchers within Luminex Corporation are developing new detection capabilities that would permit its LabMap system to “simultaneously perform a broad range of cellular, microbial, and related tests, such as complete blood counts (CBC) and bacterial analysis. The company recently filed an initial patent application covering aspects of

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HBOC, Abaton.com, Quest, Unilab, LabOne, Epitope

IT WAS VALIDATION OF A PREDICTION made just weeks ago in THE DARK REPORT that web-based information management systems is the next major battleground in both healthcare and the clinical lab industry.

McKesson HBOC announced its purchase of Abaton.com, Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota last Tuesday. Abaton.com offers products

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SBCL Phlebotomist Found Reusing Needles in Calif.

CEO SUMMARY: News that a phlebotomist employed by SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories (SBCL) was discovered to be washing and reusing needles got national media attention last week. During her 22-month employment at SBCL, this phlebotomist apparently reused butterfly needles on “difficult to draw” patients. Ramifications of this discovery will affect not only SBCL, but the

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1998’s Movers & Shakers Go Beyond The Ordinary

CEO SUMMARY: As the laboratory industry undergoes fundamental change, new business and management models must be developed. Our list of “Movers and Shakers” for 1998 highlights individuals now leading the science of laboratory management toward these new paradigms.

FINDING EXAMPLES OF LEADERSHIP and innovation among executives and managers within the clinical laboratory industry can be a

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Where’s The Write-down ? LabCorp Faces Key Decision

CEO SUMMARY: Commercial laboratories are recognizing declines in the market value of their assets. LabCorp has yet to do the same. Taken cumulatively, these write-downs demonstrate the sizable revenue erosion that large commercial laboratories experienced during the past three years. Soon it will be LabCorp’s turn to address this issue.

MORE THAN $550 MILLION of clinical

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