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Nine Lab Groups Say New NCCI Policy Is Inconsistent

CEO SUMMARY: By its name alone, the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) Policy Manual implies that it will be accurate and consistent with other coding initiatives. But nine groups representing various clinical laboratories say NCCI guidelines that the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued in December and implemented on Jan. 1 are inconsistent

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“Waiver of Charges”: What Makes It Work

CEO SUMMARY: Little-used in the 1990s, when laboratory test ordering and billing practices were under intense scrutiny by federal regulators, the strategy of “free testing” is popping up in more regions around the country. To comply with compliance guidelines, labs using this strategy generally ask the physician to sign contracts representing and warranting that circumstances

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“June 23, 1997 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Joint Venture Hospital Laboratory network (JVHL) of Detroit added a not her hospital system to its growing regional laboratory network. M-Labs, the laboratory division of the University of Michigan Health System, joined JVHL. This is the eighth hospital system laboratory division to be come an equity member of JVHL.

Jack Shaw, Executive Director at JVHL,

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