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Influenza A/H1N1 Outbreak Offers Lessons for Labs

CEO SUMMARY: As influenza A/H1N1 spread, clinical labs nationwide learned that they did not have the capacity to test for an outbreak of flu that generated a 10-fold increase in sample volume. To move the samples through the system, many clinical labs ran extra shifts and ran sho…

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Influenza A Test Is a Help When Screening for H1N1

CEO SUMMARY: Viracor Laboratories is preparing to handle expanded volumes of influenza testing prior to the start of the next flu season. It will use added instrumentation and expanded working hours to expand capacity. Another strategy is to use influenza A testing as a way to re…

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FDA Approves New Test For Respiratory Viruses

CEO SUMMARY: Respiratory viruses are responsible for 75% of all visits to physicians and yet physicians struggle to identify whether an infection is viral or bacterial. Now there is a new molecular assay with FDA clearance that allows physicians to test for 12 common vira…

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