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May 11, 2015 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News

Intelligence Late & Latent News

Last month, TriCore Reference Laboratories of Albuquerque, New Mexico, announced that it had purchased the Rhodes Group, of Vernon, Connecticut. Rhodes Group provides data integration services for labs and other healthcare providers. TriCore had long been a customer of Rhodes Group. TriCore is pursuing a strategy of leveraging lab test data with other clinical and healthcare data.

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January 25, 2010 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Probably few pathologists know that a musical group in San Diego, California, is performing under the name “Pathology.” It is classified as an American death metal band. Alert readers will notice a theme in this band’s output. In 2006, it released its debut album, called “Surgically Hacked,” which featured such songs as “Postorbital Incision” and

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More Labs Opt to Use and Lab Automation

CEO SUMMARY: Many of the nation’s more innovative laboratory organizations are paying closer attention to laboratory productivity and operational performance. To achieve improved operations, these labs are putting three tools to greater use. They are using targeted automation solutions and giving middleware a greater role in the effort to squeeze ever more productivity from every

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Labs In United Kingdom Study U.S., Canadian Labs

CEO SUMMARY: It was a groundbreaking first for both sides of the Atlantic. Senior pathologists and laboratory directors in the United Kingdom spent two days learning from their North American counterparts about the challenges and difficulties in laboratory consolidation and regionalization. For their part, the North American faculty gained useful insights about the way laboratory

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New Efforts to Boost Supply of MTs & MLTs

CEO SUMMARY: Most laboratorians are acutely aware that the nation’s pool of trained medical technicians and medical technologists is shrinking even as growing numbers of baby-boomer lab techs approach retirement. Meanwhile, training programs are feeding inadequate numbers of new med techs into the system. To rectify this situation, lab directors are actively working to bring

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DIANON Acquires UroCor And Boosts Urology Share

CEO SUMMARY: Following years of intense competition for the diagnostic testing business of office-based urologists, DIANON Systems and UroCor will now join forces. The recently-announced merger creates a powerhouse anatomic pathology company in the urology-based diagnostics services market. This merger also demonstrates that the market for anatomic pathology services remains robust.


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Hospital Association Studies Nurse & Lab Staffing Issues

WIDESPREAD PUBLICITY about the nursing shortage is not coincidence. The American Hospital Association (AHA) is making “staffing relief” a primary reason why the current Congress should increase reimbursement and provide funding for training and recruiting healthcare workers.

A variety of studies have looked at nursing vacancies and changes to the total number of registered nurses in recent

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