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NEWSMAKER INTERVIEW: Ralph Taylor, CEO of Sysmex America

“Today, patients want to get diagnosis and treatment faster with fewer visits to the doctor’s office. They want speedier and more comprehensive delivery of clinical services, be it laboratory tests, imaging, or other procedures. Core laboratories have something unique and irreplaceable. Core laboratories will continue to anchor lab testing services in the communities they serve. What

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Lab Trends In Canada Run Ahead of U.S.A.

CEO SUMMARY: In specific ways, laboratories in Canada are already confronting the future that awaits laboratories in the United States. Many of the challenges are identical, including shrinking reimbursement and funding, as well as a shortage of skilled lab staff. One unfolding development is pressure on pathologists to accept less compensation, leading pathologists in two

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Pathologist Activities Evolve In VA’s “Paperless” Hospitals

“When a hospital or laboratory goes ‘paperless’, it’s no longer ‘business as usual’ for pathologists.”
—Bruce Dunn, M.D.
CEO SUMMARY: One outcome of the Veteran Administration’s (VA) ongoing effort to create a totally-integrated information system was to give the laboratory increased capabilities to enhance diagnostic testing services. It’s also changing the way pathologists practice laboratory medicine and

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Baltimore Hospital Lab Problems Put Spotlight On CAP Inspections

CEO SUMMARY: Here’s an exclusive peek into a three-year battle between medical technologists wanting to do the right thing and a laboratory manager—backed by hospital administration—who aggressively stifled well-justified dissent. It is an inside look at one of the most grievous failures of a hospital-based laboratory in several decades. By knowingly reporting unreliable test results,

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“April 26, 2004 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Pathology gets another plug! CBS television recognized National Medical Laboratory Week with public service announcements (PSAs) featuring CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star William Peterson. The story behind the story is that Peterson asked CBS to cover production costs and broadcast time to allow him to say something about the laboratory staffing shortage and to salute

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Tech Shortage Plays Role In More Drug Dosing Errors

INCORRECT ADMINISTRATION OF DRUGS is one major source of errors in hospitals and evidence indicates that children and emergency-room visitors are most likely to be affected.

That’s the conclusion of a study done by U.S. Parmacopia’s Center for the Advancement of Patient Safety (CAPS). Researchers identified 105,603 medication errors during 2001 in 368 hospitals participating in

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Expect ISO 9000 To Alter Clinical Lab Management

CEO SUMMARY: Perceptive laboratory executives and pathologists should welcome the impending arrival of ISO 9000 into the clinical laboratory industry. It promises to solve many problems of laboratory management. The diagnostics industry, responsible for manufacturing instruments and supplies used by clinical laboratories, has already embraced ISO 9000 with good results.


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