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Why Labs Will Increase their Use of Middleware and Informatics

“Across the globe, laboratories face similar and
significant challenges in how they use information technology and middleware to solve problems.”
—Jacques Baudin, Executive Vice President, Technidata America Medical Software
CEO SUMMARY: Middleware seems to be all the rage across the laboratory industry these days. Many lab organizations now use software provided by multiple vendors. One of the newest

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Technical/Professional Billing Triggers Strong Opinions

IT’S A TREND WHICH IS GAINING THE NOTICE of growing numbers of pathologists. Physician groups are taking steps to directly engage pathologists to diagnose cases.

The term “TC/PC” is often used to describe situations where two different providers provide the technical component (TC) and the professional component (PC) and each bills separately for its work.


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New Features Slated For Lab Information Systems

CEO SUMMARY: Two processes are transforming healthcare: managed care and quality management. Laboratory information systems must incorporate radically new features if they are to support changes to clinical laboratory operations. This makes it imperative that laboratory executives select an effective laboratory information system.

PARALLEL DEVELOPMENTS in the healthcare marketplace are shaping the design and function of

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