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Hospital Lab-Commercial Lab Partnering Is Upcoming Trend

CEO SUMMARY: At this year’s Executive War College in New Orleans, laboratory innovators convened to study hot new trends in the industry.They were surprised to learn that partnering relationships between hospital laboratories and commercial laboratories are finally gaining wider acceptance. Laboratory executives involved in partnering arrangements had good things to say about the success of

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“State of Lab Industry” Reveals Radical Change

CEO SUMMARY: Pick your trend: declining reimbursement, consolidation, clinical integration, downsizing, and capitated reimbursement. These trends all continued to shape the way laboratories organized to provide services. But 1997’s wildcard was the federal government. Between investigations and new regulations, laboratories were hit hard.

FOR THE clinical laboratory industry, 1997’s biggest surprise was both unexpected and unpleasant:

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Dynacare Inks New Pact With Milwaukee Hospital

CEO SUMMARY: Dynacare is on the move again. Its latest partnership is with a leading Milwaukee hospital. Dynacare’s aggressive marketing effort to develop joint ventures with hospital laboratories will continue. It may announce more new contracts by year’s end.

DEALMAKERS FROM Dynacare’s U.S. operations continue to press hospitals from coast to coast. Last Wednesday Froedtert Memorial

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Dismal Hospital Finances Behind Lab Joint Venture

CEO SUMMARY: 1995 marked a pace-setting agreement between Columbia and LabCorp. LabCorp would consolidate and manage the laboratories at three Columbia Hospitals. All participants agree that the project has met expectations. But Columbia has yet to clone this model elsewhere. Here’s why.

COMMENTATOR Paul Harvey is famous for his trademark radio programs which end with the

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Market Assessment Leads Quest To Do Several Deals

CEO SUMMARY: Quest CEO Ken Freeman is moving rapidly to restructure Quest’s regional laboratory system. Using the financial head-start provided by the January spin-off from Corning, Inc., Quest purchased one laboratory and seeks to do joint venture deals in several cities. Quest’s activities will change the competitive situation in cities affected by these developments.

Competition for

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Alberta Lab Regionalization Teaches Four Important Lessons

CEO SUMMARY: When the Province of Alberta sliced more than 30% from the healthcare budget in less than two years, it was borrowing a trick from high performance turnaround experts. Laboratory executives in the United States can use these same management principles in their own laboratory.

REMARKABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS result from setting ambitious goals. In a two-year

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Lab Services In Canada Undergo Radical Changes

CEO SUMMARY: Canada’s single-payer healthcare system is undergoing transformation. Rising costs now compel individual provinces to re-engineer their existing healthcare arrangements. In Alberta, commercial laboratories were forced to merge and cooperate with hospital-based laboratories.

UPHEAVALS WITHIN CANADA’S HEALTHCARE SYSTEM radically transforming laboratories. This is particularly true of Alberta, where the province brought both hospital and commercial

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