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University of Michigan Pathologists Bet on Patient-Centered Care

CEO SUMMARY: At the University of Michigan Medical Center, the Department of Pathology is learning new ways to add value that include face-to-face meetings with patients as part of UMMC’s patient- and family-centered care initiative. One lesson learned is that patients appreciate the op…

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Labs in U.S. and Australia Learn from Each Other

CEO SUMMARY: Australia just conducted its first summit meeting on laboratory management and a near sell-out crowd showed up to learn the best and latest. For the Americans in the audience, there were several surprises. First, Australia has a highly-competitive laboratory sector, comparabl…

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Lab Competitors Form Common Test Data Repository for Doctors

CEO SUMMARY: Integrated hospital systems, government health plans and private insurers can frequently threaten the status quo for commercial laboratories in both the United States and Canada. Motivated by the desire to offer greater value, two commercial lab companies in British Columbia …

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Labs Entering New Cycle Of Evolution and Change

CEO SUMMARY: As some of the nation’s most astute and forward-looking lab executives prepare to gather in New Orleans for the fourth annual EXECUTIVE WAR COLLEGE, it is time to share our assessment of the laboratory and pathology industry. Recent events presage another profound …

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Three Blood Brothers Release Year-End Financial Performance

FINANCIAL REPORTS RELEASED by the three national laboratories for the fiscal year 1998 reveal a definite improvement in their financial performance and cash flow. One sign of this improvement is the fact that none of the three blood brothers disclosed any huge write-downs similar to those experience…

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What’s Next For Regional Laboratory Networks?

SINCE THE CONCEPT OF REGIONAL LABORATORY NETWORKS burst on the scene in 1995, I have ardently believed in their potential to help hospital laboratories remain relevant in the world of managed healthcare. The early victories of Pittsburgh’s Regional Laboratory Alliance and San Franc…

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Washington State’s PacLab Network Is A Regional Winner

CEO SUMMARY: As a regional laboratory network, PacLab is unusual in one respect: participating hospital laboratories did not meet endlessly to talk about what they should do. Instead, action was the operative word for these network organizers. Since becoming operational in 1996, their bia…

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SmithKline’s Strategies Now Delivering Benefits

CEO SUMMARY: Business strategy does make a difference. However, it sometimes takes years to appreciate the wisdom of choosing one strategy over another. In the case of SmithKline Beecham’s lab division, the decision to become sole-source provider to the nation’s largest HMOs may event…

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Unrealized Gains Targeted By Premier’s Lab Initiative

CEO SUMMARY: In part one of this exclusive interview, Premier’s John Biggers described the reasons why the 1,700 hospital consortium developed a strategic services program for clinical laboratories. In this final installment, Biggers provides insight as to how the program will work and …

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Premier Executive John Biggers Discusses Reasons For Laboratory Initiative

CEO SUMMARY: Because of Premier’s influence with 1,700 of the nation’s 5,000 hospitals, laboratory administrators and executives should realize that this strategic services alliance between Premier and Quest Diagnostics Incorporated will change traditional laboratory practices, regard…

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