laboratory positions

Newsmaker Interview: Adam Slone, Tara Kochis

“When it comes to hiring senior leaders, labs today are more diligent in recruiting and interviewing candidates for key executive and management positions. One reason for this change is the shrinking financial margins at most labs.” …

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AACC’s E-Lab Confab Emphasizes Lab Data

CEO SUMMARY: In just six years, experts at the AACC’s E-Lab gathering predict that 50% of all diagnostic testing will be done as point-of-care, homecare, or kit testing. If true, this will be a swift transformation in how labs organize themselves to manage the diagnostic testing needs o…

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Winners and Losers in the Lab Industry

NOTHING WAS EASY FOR COMMERCIAL AND HOSPITAL LABS during the past decade. Reimbursement for lab tests was slashed. Onerous compliance requirements for Medicare increased costs and added to the legal risk of operating a laboratory. Patient access was restricted through exclusive HMO and managed care c…

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