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Technical/Professional Billing Has Risks for Labs, Doctors

IT’S A HOT TOPIC ACROSS THE ANATOMIC PATHOLOGY PROFESSION. Increasing numbers of physician groups are hiring laboratories to perform the technical component of an anatomic pathology case and engaging pathologists to diagnose the cases. This phenomenon is often called TC/PC, to represent how the technical component (TC) is being performed and billed independently of the

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Sysmex Anticipates Major Shifts In Laboratory Testing Market

“Innovating from our core technologies will lead Sysmex into very different areas of laboratory testing.”
—John Kershaw
CEO SUMMARY: Sysmex America, Inc. surprised many this year when it hired its own sales and service team and begin distributing its products directly to laboratories in the United States. In this exclusive interview, COO John Kershaw explains why Sysmex

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Another Portent Of Change

How many laboratory executives and pathologists consider themselves futurists? Probably not many, because healthcare’s traditional fee-for-service arrangements provided little financial incentive to alter the status quo.

Yet I would argue that the radical restructuring of healthcare currently underway demands that laboratory executives acquire the talent for anticipating the future. In 1992, how many laboratory executives expected

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