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‘Health Lawyers News’ Attacks Pathology Part A

CEO SUMMARY: Pathologists should take time to read the cover story in the May 2003 issue of Health Lawyers News. Although the story nominally addresses questions involving how hospitals should reimburse physicians for administrative duties, it deals mostly with clinical pathology services and makes representations about the work pathologists do which some legal experts call

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Competitive Dynamics In the Laboratory Testing Marketplace

This section of the White Paper deals with the marketplace for laboratory services. For brevity and clarity, I will address five components: 1) independent commercial laboratories; 2) hospital-based laboratories; 3) esoteric, reference, and specialty testing laboratories; 4) anatomic pathology lab- oratories; and 5) diagnostics manufacturers and suppliers.

These groups represent the basic divisions within the competitive

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Premier’s Lab Vendors Hooking Up Via Internet

CEO SUMMARY: Laboratory members of Premier will soon be purchasing instruments, reagents, and supplies through medibuy.com’s Internet healthcare e-commerce site. Four major lab industry suppliers are actively working to link with the medibuy.com and Premier Web sites. For Premier, this is part of a comprehensive effort to upgrade the services it offers its member hospitals

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Ten Management Myths Misled Clinical Laboratory Executives

CEO SUMMARY: We offer our second installment about the ten management myths which led the clinical laboratory industry astray during the 1980s and 1990s. Regretfully, clients responding to part one of this series tell us that these management myths remain alive and well—and continue to steer many well-intended but misguided laboratory managers in the wrong

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