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Standard Bar Code Labels Can Reduce Lab Errors

CEO SUMMARY: Standardization of bar code labels is a concept whose time has come. After implementing CLSI standard AUTO12-A, first-mover clinical labs report fewer specimen identification errors, a reduction of costs associated with specimen handling errors, and a boost in lab productivit…

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Florida Law Better Defines Lab Marketing Violations

CEO SUMMARY: Despite clear language in Florida’s new state law that bans the placement of laboratory employees in a physicians’ office, some clinical lab companies want to continue the practice of placing specimen collectors in physicians’ offices. These opinions were voiced by lab …

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Phlebotomist Convicted For Theft of Patient ID

CEO SUMMARY: Patient identity theft by a phlebotomist, prosecuted and convicted under HIPAA. This is a story whose true dimensions went unreported within the laboratory industry—until now! THE DARK REPORT is first to alert its clients to the possibility that every laboratory and patholo…

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Is Nation’s Best Quality Laboratory in Arizona?

CEO SUMMARY: Without much fanfare or public attention, one lab is achieving recognition for quality and service excellence possibly unmatched in the clinical laboratory industry. In 2003, Sonora Quest Laboratories received Arizona’s Pioneer Award for Quality—the first healthcare provi…

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Florida Labs Face Off With Hurricane Charley

CEO SUMMARY: Hurricane Charley not only validated long-standing laboratory emergency contingency plans, but it introduced new issues. Even two weeks after the hurricane, hospital labs in the most affected communities continue to deal with storm-related problems. One issue is that damaged …

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Baltimore Hospital Lab Problems Put Spotlight On CAP Inspections

CEO SUMMARY: Here’s an exclusive peek into a three-year battle between medical technologists wanting to do the right thing and a laboratory manager—backed by hospital administration—who aggressively stifled well-justified dissent. It is an inside look at one of the most grievous fai…

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Seattle Hospital Lab JVs Involve Quest & LabCorp

CEO SUMMARY: Joint ventures and collaborative business relationships between hospital laboratories and commercial laboratories continue to be a difficult business model. Recent events in Seattle demonstrate the challenges and frustrations of establishing such ventures, then making them su…

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Dynacare Buys LabSouth as Gateway into Alabama

CEO SUMMARY: With the acquisition of ARL/LabSouth, based in Birmingham and Montgomery, Dynacare immediately becomes a major player in the Alabama marketplace. Several interesting aspects to the sale demonstrate that it is becoming increasingly difficult for independent commercial laborato…

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How Hospital Lab Directors Fail Their Employees

EVERY NOW AND THEN I WANT TO TAKE some segment of the laboratory industry to task for things they ought to be doing. Today it will be hospital laboratory directors. Virtually every hospital lab administrator in the United States will tell you that they are concerned about the job stability and welfa…

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Recognizing What the Marketplace Teaches Us

IT IS ONLY IN HINDSIGHT THAT MOST PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH of a situation. Unfortunately for laboratory employees in New York City, the lack of foresight by their leaders must inevitably lead to job cutbacks at three recently constructed laboratories. As you will read in our “Tale of Two Cities…

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