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ASCP Awarded PEPFAR II Funds for Lab Assistance

CEO SUMMARY: With new Congressional authorization and funding of $48 billion, PEPFAR II—a second five-year initiative to help targeted countries battle HIV, AIDs, tuberculosis, and malaria—is about to get under way. To better support diagnosis and management of HIV/AIDs patients, some PEPFAR funds are designated to expand laboratory testing services in countries with high prevalence

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March 20, 2006 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

On March 13, 2006, American Esoteric Laboratories, Inc. (AEL) of Brentwood, Tennessee announced the acquisition of Physicians Medical Laboratory (PML). Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Located in Morristown, Tennessee, PML gives AEL a presence in east Tennessee. AEL has owned and operated Memphis Pathology Laboratory in west Tennessee since 2004.

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Dynacare Expands Into Chicago With Purchase of 2 Small Labs

IT’S A BUSINESS STRATEGY BUILT AROUND “go where they ain’t!” In recent years, Dynacare, Inc. has found its best growth comes from acquiring laboratories in areas somewhat underserved by larger national competitors.

It then uses that regional base to expand outward into nearby regions. Examples of this market strategy have been Seattle, with expansion into the

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Tenet, SBCL Discussing 33 Hospital Lab Contract

CEO SUMMARY: Tenet Healthcare’s decision to entertain proposals for improving laboratory operations in its Southern California division triggered a year-long discussion with national laboratories. If a deal results, it would represent one of the largest “re-engineering” projects between a hospital company and a national laboratory.

GRAPEVINE BUZZ in Southern California says that SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories

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