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Sonic HealthCare In US: How Will Market Change?

CEO SUMMARY: LabOne, Inc.’s acquisition by Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, announced in early August, removes, as a competitor, a lab company that was growing and beginning to credibly challenge the two blood brothers. Just weeks later, Sonic Healthcare Ltd.’s purchase of Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc. of Austin, Texas brings a brand-new competitor into the national lab

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Review of 2004 Lab Sales Identifies Buyer Interest

CEO SUMMARY: Laboratory acquisition activity was surprisingly high during 2004. One reason is that new buyers appeared in the marketplace. However, all buyers have specific acquisition criteria. When a selling lab meets that criteria, it can expect multiple bidders and a strong purchase price. Here’s a review of 2004’s lab acquisition activity, with commentary about

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Pathologist Activities Evolve In VA’s “Paperless” Hospitals

“When a hospital or laboratory goes ‘paperless’, it’s no longer ‘business as usual’ for pathologists.”
—Bruce Dunn, M.D.
CEO SUMMARY: One outcome of the Veteran Administration’s (VA) ongoing effort to create a totally-integrated information system was to give the laboratory increased capabilities to enhance diagnostic testing services. It’s also changing the way pathologists practice laboratory medicine and

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Side-by-Side Comparison: U.S. Lab Versus British Lab

CEO SUMMARY: Do clinical laboratories in any of the world’s most developed countries have a performance advantage that makes them “best of breed?” Recently, a laboratory in the United States and a laboratory in the United Kingdom had the opportunity to evaluate their financial, productivity, and quality performance against each other. The results were unexpected—and

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Spectrum Lab Network Expands Into Tennessee

CEO SUMMARY: During the past four years, this energized hospital laboratory joint venture has posted significant growth in its laboratory outreach program. One notable accomplishment has been the effective deployment and use of Web browser-based lab test orders and results reporting with its client physicians. The operational and service benefits from this strategy have been

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Changing the Way Laboratories Do Business

I HOPE BOTH PATHOLOGISTS AND LABORATORY ADMINISTRATORS pay close attention to our coverage of early-adopter hospital laboratories and how they are using “Lean” quality management methods to boost performance of their laboratories. These labs are harvesting productivity gains in the range of 30% to 50%, following a training and implementation schedule requiring as little as

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New Lab Management Directions Now Visible

CEO SUMMARY: Seat-of-the-pants laboratory management is on its way out, replaced by numbers-driven methods. Judging by the presentations given at this year’s Executive War College on Lab and Pathology Management, a growing number of laboratory administrators and pathologists are actively introducing quality management methods into their laboratory operations and generating remarkable results.


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Why Patient Safety Is Change Agent for Labs

CEO SUMMARY: In the 1990s, managed care was the dominant change agent to the nation’s healthcare system. During the 2000s, it will be patient safety. However, unlike the unpleasant consequences of HMOs, capitation, and utilization risk, patient safety will prove to be a benevolent trend for physicians, hospitals, and laboratories.

THROUGHOUT the American healthcare system, priorities

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