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Cepheid, Sequenom Acquisitions Further Consolidate Lab Testing

TWO ACQUISITIONS FURTHER consolidated the clinical laboratory testing industry in recent weeks. The acquired companies were Sequenom and Cepheid.

Sequenom went first. On July 27, Laboratory Corporation of America announced an agreement to acquire Sequenom for a purchase price of about $371 million.

It was Cepheid’s turn next. Just 11 days later, on Sept. 6, Danaher Corporation disclosed an

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Newer, Smaller Analyzers Will Bring Big Data to Labs


CEO SUMMARY: Clinical laboratories of all sizes are poised to become the source of much of a hospital or health system’s “big data.” At many academic center labs, greater use of genetic and molecular testing requires that more space and more staff be devoted to data management. At the same time, the latest generation of gene sequencing instruments and molecular analyzers are cheaper, faster, and more automated. These systems make it feasible for even smaller labs to offer sophisticated genetic tests.

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PerkinElmer Launches Lab Venture in China

CEO SUMMARY: PerkinElmer is the latest U.S. organization to open a clinical laboratory business in China. Last December, it formally opened its new Suzhou PerkinElmer Medical Laboratory. The new lab is located about 60 kilometers (37 miles) west of Shanghai. It will provide neonatal and prenatal screening along with infectious disease testing. PE’s new venture hopes to leverage relationships developed from providing newborn and prenatal screening in China throughout for the past 20 years.

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September 9, 2013 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

bioMérieux is on the move. Last week it announced that it would pay $450 million to purchase privately-held BioFire Diagnostics of Salt Lake City, Utah. BioFire has a solid tech- nology base in molecular diagnostics. It developed and currently markets its FilmArray product, which it describes as a multiplex PCR system. BioFire also designed the LightCycler

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Assessing the Year-End Financials For Nation’s Biggest Lab Companies

IN RECENT WEEKS, the last of the nation’s largest public laboratory companies released year-end 2009 financial reports. Each lab firm’s financial report provides useful insights about active trends in the lab testing marketplace, particularly in lab testing referred by office-based physicians.

Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and Laboratory Corporation of America are the two dominant national companies competing

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