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CA, FL, BC Move Forward With Lab Test Contracts

CEO SUMMARY: Medicaid agencies in the bellwether states of California and Florida continue to push ahead with plans to revise laboratory test contract policies. In British Columbia, private laboratory companies face an uncertain future as the provincial health administration maneuvers to upset the laboratory contracting status quo. It’s a trend with the potential to be

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UroCor’s Sales Tactics Violated Medicare Laws

CEO SUMMARY: By issuing a multi-count criminal indictment against three former UroCor executives, one federal attorney is creating new legal precedents for the laboratory industry. The criminal charges accuse UroCor of inducing physicians through such gambits as deeply-discounted pricing and “free testing” when not a contracted network laboratory. Labs should review compliance with these types

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Lab Marketing Strategy Triggers Legal Concerns

CEO SUMMARY: That famous phrase “everyone wants something for nothing” does not describe TennCare Select’s reaction to the “free testing” that Quest Diagnostics is performing for its beneficiaries. TennCare provides a real-world example of how this strategy can put a laboratory at odds with an important payer in a region. An experienced healthcare attorney assesses

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Medicare “Bill Back” Policies Vary By Lab

CEO SUMMARY: When it comes to the subject of Medicare medical necessity, the classic “compliance conundrum” is again at work. Laboratories with conservative, strict compliance policies believe they are at a disadvantage at retaining physician-clients and winning new accounts when compared to other laboratories in their city which may be operating with more liberal, looser

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Patient Safety is Related to “Quality Management”

mandated by Medicare officials? That was a big thing in the laboratory industry. Every laboratory organization in the United States scrambled to assess their laboratory’s operating practices, develop policies, and create a compliance manual that met regulatory requirements.

THE DARK REPORT was first to predict this would happen,

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Is it Early-90s “Deja Vu” For Today’s Lab Industry?

CEO SUMMARY: Stock prices for laboratory and pathology companies have skyrocketed since the new decade of the 2000s dawned on January 1. Is investor optimism warranted by the opportunities ahead in diagnostic testing? Or will history repeat itself if the continuing evolution of American healthcare proves as financially unhealthy to independent lab and pathology firms

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“State of Lab Industry” Holds Surprises for All

CEO SUMMARY: Say goodbye to several of the trends which shaped the lab industry during the 1990s, such as consolidation and government compliance programs. Although these trends won’t completely disappear, they will be superseded by a number of new transformational influences. During the next 48 months, these influences will bring lightning change to clinical labs

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McKesson on HBOC, PAML, Medicare Coding, Abbott Laboratories

FIVE EXECUTIVES WERE SACKED by McKesson HBOC Inc.’s Board of Directors last month in response to allegations of financial improprieties.

All five were employed by HBOC prior to its acquisition by McKesson last year. The terminations were accompanied by the resignation of McKesson’s CEO, Mark Pulido, and CFO, Richard

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