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Wisconsin Provides Peek at Pathology’s Future

BIGGER PATHOLOGY GROUPS AND METROWIDE OR STATEWIDE COVERAGE will be major characteristics in the anatomic pathology profession as healthcare continues to transform in new ways. That is why the reasons for the substantial growth in case volume and revenue at North Shore Pathologists …

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Partners Consolidates AP Using Common IT System

CEO SUMMARY: Partners HealthCare of Boston, Massachusetts, is creating a single informatics platform for CP and AP across all six of the hospitals that it operates. It will replace 19 different pathology systems currently used at six sites with just seven integrated pathology systems. As …

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Lawyers Share Insights about ACO Contracting

CEO SUMMARY: Most pathologists have yet to be involved in any substantial contractual negotiations that would allow them to assume a significant role in accountable care organizations (ACOs). Instead, hospitals and health systems are putting the building blocks in place by acquiring physi…

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Using Performance-Based Part A Hospital Path Contracts

CEO Summary: One of pathology’s greatest challenges is adequate reimbursement for hospital Part A Pathology Services. Over the past two decades, ever more hospitals took steps to reduce or eliminate payment to pathologists for these services. Now several innovative pathology gr…

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Baylor Pathologists Form Lab with US Oncology

CEO SUMMARY: In Dallas, Pathologists Bio-Medical Laboratories is part of a new laboratory partnership that includes Baylor Health Care System, Texas Oncology, and US Oncology. The four partners ponied up a total of $40 million in cash and debt to build a state-of-the art laboratory in a 1…

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Illinois Pathologists Dodge Medicaid CP Payment Cut

CEO SUMMARY: Pathologists in Illinois acted swiftly to this month’s announcement that the Illinois Medicaid program would cease to directly pay pathologists directly for clinical pathology professional services. The new policy was to take effect on October 1, 2008. As t…

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Digene, Kaiser Northern California, ARUP Labs, Bio-Reference Labs, Specialty Labs

DIGENE ENJOYS GROWTH OF 39% IN RECENT MONTHS FUELED BY RECOGNITION that HPV plays a key role in causing cervical cancer, demand for Digene Corporation’s hc2 High-Risk HPV DNA test is increasing at impressive rates. For fiscal third quarter 2004, Digene reported revenue gr…

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‘Health Lawyers News’ Attacks Pathology Part A

CEO SUMMARY: Pathologists should take time to read the cover story in the May 2003 issue of Health Lawyers News. Although the story nominally addresses questions involving how hospitals should reimburse physicians for administrative duties, it deals mostly with clinical pathology…

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Reactions To FL Court’s Ruling On Clin Path Fees

CEO SUMMARY: Reimbursement for clinical pathology professional services is under attack in a variety of ways throughout the United States. Recently a Florida Court of Appeal added a new court ruling to the growing body of legal decisions on this topic. Careful study of the ruling shows th…

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Attack on Clinical Path Professional Payments

MANY PATHOLOGISTS WITH AN ECONOMIC INTEREST in clinical pathology professional component reimbursement have yet to fully appreciate the impact of an unfavorable decision rendered by a Florida appeals court recently. As you will read on page 5, an insurance company in Florida was actively sending let…

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