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July 08, 2013 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

In China, independent clinical laboratories are in a fast-growth mode. That’s the conclusion of RnRMarketResearch in a newly-issued survey of the clinical laboratory testing market in China. It estimates this market segment at US$407 million annually. RnR says that three lab companies meet the definition of “large-scale chain-store clinical laboratories.” They are KingMed Diagnostics, Adicon Clinical

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Unilab Files Registration For IPO of $115 Million

CEO SUMMARY: During the 1990s, Unilab used the twin strategies of lab acquisitions and aggressive sales and marketing to fuel rapid growth in specimen volumes and net revenues. However, California’s ultra-competitive managed care market and severe financial problems during the latter half of the decade almost sunk the laboratory. Today’s Unilab is a more experienced

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